5 Benefits of a Keyless Entry System

A keyless entry system eradicates the need for physical keys and traditional lock systems, allowing for the locking and unlocking of doors remotely, either via an app, an access code on the door or a key fob.

A keyless entry system eradicates the need for physical keys and traditional lock systems, allowing for the locking and unlocking of doors remotely, either via an app, an access code on the door or a key fob.

While the real estate industry is often some way behind other industries in regards to modernizing and advancing technologically, in the past few years we have seen great progress in keyless entry systems, and a move away from traditional entry systems.

But what are the benefits of switching from traditional lock systems and physical keys to a keyless entry system?


1.      A more secure system


Your home is your safe place. It should be secure and faced with no threat or security risk, so you can go home and know that everything is just as you left it, and no one unauthorized can enter your property without your knowledge.

The same goes for commercial properties. Tenants want to be able to leave expensive equipment in the office without the fear that it will be stolen by the next time they go to work.

Traditional keys cannot guarantee a safe property. The best keyless entry systems can.

For many people, the traditional lock system on their front door has never been changed. From moving in to moving out, oftentimes, the traditional lock system on the front door never gets replaced, which causes a huge security risk.

With traditional physical keys, creating a copy of the key is easy and quick, which is convenient for the tenant or property manager, but allows for several unknown or unauthorized people, whether it be previous tenants or contractors, to have access to your front door. It’s a threat that often goes unconsidered, but is profound and common.

Keyless entry systems are more secure. As your access to the property is not reliant on physical keys, but rather controlled remotely through your cell phone, or through an access code, the tenant or property manager can oversee who has access to the front door or the property as a whole.

So if, for instance, you are undertaking construction work in your home and need to grant access to the contractors, with keyless entry systems you can do this without making a copy of your key, ensuring your home remains secure, and no one but the people you grant access to have access to the property.  


2.      Convenience

 Technology has always been, and always will be, made to solve problems and make peoples’ lives easier. The goal is to advance, and in many cases, automate a task that was otherwise manual or difficult.

The technology for keyless entry systems is no exception.

For those in commercial properties, or renting a unit, losing a traditional physical key is an expensive and frustrating thing. Not only is access to the property lost, but the property manager must be contacted where a fee is usually required to replace the physical key or access card and gain entry to the property again.

It’s an irritating problem that keyless entry systems resolve.

With keyless entry systems, you can access the property just by using your cell phone, or by entering an access code on the door. Rather than digging around in the bottom of your bag, the app on your cell phone can be opened, and entry to the property can be granted.

For property managers, the convenience comes with administration portals like Defigo’s WebAdmin, where they can easily add or remove tenants when they move in or move out, taking very little time and effort. Additionally, if the property manager has more than one property with the Defigo  access control system installed, they can have an overview of all of the properties in WebAdmin to allow for easy administration.

3.      Less Waste


In 2022, it would be illogical to create a technology that didn’t consider sustainability or the impact it has on the planet. Traditional lock systems use a lot of metal, including metals such as copper which are limited as a resource.

Not only this, but with the introduction of access cards, plastic is now a resource used for access to properties. This resource in particular is extremely damaging to our planet, both with the extraction of oil, manufacturing and with the microplastics that come from disposing of it.

Access to a property using a keyless entry system requires no more resources than the phone you probably already own.  

As the access is not reliant on physical keys, there is no waste of metal or of plastic. In addition to this, in instances of a lost or forgotten physical key, the property manager will usually have to drive to you in order to grant you access to the property. With keyless entry systems, this is not necessary, and access can be granted remotely.  It is a much more sustainable method of property access control than any traditional lock systems.

4.      Remote access via app


For those keyless entry systems that use app controlled entry, remote access is a huge benefit. It is perhaps one of the biggest advantages for the individual user or tenant. Due to access being controlled through a mobile app, access can be granted wherever you are, as long as you have internet access.

For instance, you could receive a notification that you are getting a delivery to your home when you are on a beach vacation. Having a remote keyless entry system means that you can grant access to that delivery person from the beach, letting them into the property to deliver the package by your front door.

This allows you to have more freedom to go out than a traditional lock system which would require you to wait at home for a delivery or visitor.

Furthermore, with a system such as Defigo, the intercom at the property entrance consists of a one-way camera, which means that you are able to see and communicate with the person at the door prior to letting them in. This gives you further reassurance and security that you know exactly who you are granting access to.


5.      Cheaper long term cost


As a property manager, getting new tenants can be an expensive thing. Each tenant could mean a new key which can be a hassle and a high cost. It could also mean replacing locks every time a new tenant moves into the property.

In amongst this, you could also face technology failures from door bells or broken card readers. Prices can build up and become out of control very quickly.

Keyless access means you don’t need to face such high costs.Once you have access to the property, that’s it. There is no need to replace the lock or the key over the years, as access is granted or removed remotely.

Furthermore, Defigo has a subscription model which means you always get the latest software updates and hardware upgrades as part of the package. It’s also a quick and easy system to install, with minimal wiring so there is no need to spend a lot of money re-wiring the property.

Keyless entry systems come with significant benefits for both commercial and residential properties, and for both tenants and property managers. When considering how limiting traditional lock systems can be compared to keyless entry systems, it is no wonder that there is an ongoing shift in the real estate market towards more keyless forms of entry.  


To understand more about Defigo’s remote keyless entry system contact our sales team.  

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