Make your building simpler, safer, and smarter with keyless access, web-based administration, and third-party integration.

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Hundreds of companies use Defigo to streamline access management across their buildings, save time on administration, and increase building security.


Manage your building in a breeze

Users can open the doors to their building with ease using a mobile app or a RFID tag and let people in remotely. They don’t have to carry several keys anymore, leave their office chair to open for a guest arriving for a meeting, or to be at home when receiving deliveries.

Property managers increase efficiency by administering access across buildings and users through a single web-based tool.

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Stay in control of the entries

Access can be given and revoked in only a few seconds ensuring that no unwanted people can enter the building. When letting people in, users can see and talk to the person standing by the door before opening.

By using the Defigo Mobile Application to open the door one can allow the access control system to operate in a touchless world, which prevents disease transmission – an important safety factor not only for today but also for the future.


Always up to date with smart integrations

Our system is developed on a very flexible platform that enables integration with existing lock and access control systems in the building. In addition, we can connect to other parts of the building. This extends the lifetime of the building’s access control system and gives customers a very cost-effective and future-oriented solution.

Automating elevators to take visitors to the relevant floor in the building and escape zones to open when the fire alarm goes off are both smart features of today – and as technology evolves the access control system adapts to new solutions.

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