Privacy at Defigo

We handle all privacy information in compliance with relevant rules and regulations in Norway and GDPR. Users register their data in the Defigo system and Defigo is responsible as the data controller for these data.

We only use your private information in the delivery of our own services. We will never sell or give your private information to others or using them for anything other than to market our own services where we think that it has a high degree of relevance for you as a Defigo user. Defigo can also be used anonymously, with a slightly reduced feature level.

What information is used and how is it used

  • The privacy information that is registered is a name, address, email address, phone number and which apartment or office you use Defigo at.
  • Users can always see what privacy information that is registered by using the Defigo app. Users who do not use the app can at any point request information about what data is registered in the system.
  • Logs used in operations and maintenance of the system are aggregated and anonymized.
  • Users can at any time delete their own user from the system directly from the app. Users who do not use the app can request that information is deleted by Defigo. All user data will then be deleted from the system immediately, but user data will be stored in backups for a maximum of 90 days after the delete was executed.

Privacy information is only handled by authorized personnel

  • Defigo will ensure that only authorized personnel can manage your privacy information and that they are subject to a mandatory confidentiality agreement.
  • The confidentiality is valid also after the termination of the agreement with Defigo.
  • Defigo will only authorize personnel that for some reason needs access to private data to perform their job in the delivery of services to our users.

Security measures to protect privacy data

  • Defigo has implemented technical and organizational measures to protect all private information. This includes encryption of data and communication, systems for authentication and logging of security-related events.

How can you review the use of private information and what happens if it is compromised

  • You can at any point request a review of what private information is stored and what it is used for. According to current regulations, Defigo can not request compensation for providing a review.
  • If a breach of the privacy information security happens Defigo will inform all affected users immediately.