This is Defigo

We are on a mission to set the global standard for digital access control.
With a simpler, safer and smarter solution to accessing and managing residential and commercial properties, we aim to showcase how frictionless and easy access control can actually be.


Our Values


We strive to make access control easy for anyone to use, no matter their age or technological ability.


We want to provide tenants and property managers with peace of mind in knowing that their property is secure.


We believe that technology should make everyday life easier and more efficient for users.


We want to contribute to creating more sustainable properties, where people can live and work well into the future.


We know that access control impacts a lot of people, so we want to ensure that they have the tools that they need for an easier life.

Our Team

Our Team helps us to work towards our goals and achieving our mission. We are a group of curious, engaged and positive people with a great interest in technology that solves everyday problems.

Leadership Team

Hildur Smaradottir
Responsible for leading the team, strategy and business development. Hildur has more than 15 years of experience in commercial management within technology. She has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Journalism.
Founder, CPO
Joachim Stray
Responsible for product development. Joachim has 20 years of experience in designing products within technology, defence and aviation. He has an MBA from the BI Norwegian Business School and a Master's Degree from Harvard.
Head of Sales
& Partnerships
Anne Varden
Anne is responsible for all sales-related activities. She leads a team of four salespeople and brings with her 15 years of management experience, as well as an MBA from the University of Southampton.
Co-founder, CTO
Responsible for technology and development. Kristoffer is a trained software developer at Bergen University (Høgskulen på Vestlandet).
He has experience in a number of technologies within backend, frontend, mobile, desktop and embedded.
Responsible for finance, Marius has experience across diverse industries such as real estate, wealth management and banking. Marius holds an MBA in finance and controlling from the University of British Colombia, as well as a masters in Business administration, finance and controlling from Vienna University.

Advisory Board

Rune Augenstein
Rune is Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Smedvig, a leading Norwegian property company. An expert in technology, innovation and property development, he has played a major role in Smedvig's investment in technology and sustainability.
Hoëgh Eiendom
Lene Busund
Lene is Head of Technology and customer Experience at Hoëgh Eiendom, one of the largest property companies in Norway. With broad experience in IT, as well as in real estate, Lene is able to focus on digitizing Hoëgh's portfolio.
Malling & Co
Didrik Dale Rønold
Didrik isa property manager at the Scandinavian company Malling & Co. With over 10 years of experience in rental operations and administrative management of properties, he has extensive knowledge of the commercial property market.
Mustad Eiendom
Arnstein Stamnes
Arnstein is Director of Property Operations at Mustad Eiendom, a prominent Norwegian real estate company. Arnstein has extensive experience in property management, property development, and technical operations.
Jon Anders Sæthre
Jon Anders Sæthre is Technical Advisor at Entra. With a long career in the security and property industry, Jon Anders has a broad understanding of technical solutions for property operations.
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