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Digital access control as a service

The system includes:

  • Touchscreen intercom with video
  • Mobile app with digital keys
  • Remote admin management
  • Smart integrations
  • Quick installation and support
Man using the Defigo intercom

Simpler, safer, smarter and more sustainable.


A flexible and secure solution

The Defigo system is more flexible and has a higher level of security compared to traditional access control systems.

You can easily add or remove buildings, doors and users.

Hardware upgrades, security updates, new features, integrations and support are all included in the monthly subscription.

Most of the updates can be performed remotely.

Woman opening door


Modern touchscreen with camera

Our digital intercom is simple to use and administrate. The design is elegant and makes any building stand out.

The intercom has a high-resolution touchscreen, an inbuilt RFID reader, LTE antenna, camera for day and night, proximity sensor, microphone and sound system.

Visitors can use the screen’s search function to easily find the person they are looking for and call them. The person being called can see and talk to the visitor.

Names on the doorbell, images and the ringtone can be updated in real-time. It is possible to have one shared call button and individual ones.


Keyless entry and remote unlock

People with access to the building can enter the doors and let guests in at the touch of a button through the Defigo app.

All the doors a user has access to can be opened from the app. When someone rings on the doorbell users can see, talk to and open for the guest right where they are.

Users can change the profile picture, ringtone and call settings for the intercom directly from the app. If a user does not want to be available they can remove the call button temporarily.

Doors can also be opened with RFID tags when you have Defigo installed. Tags can be registered and enabled by the users themselves in the app if allowed by the administrator.

The Defigo App main page
Person using the Defigo web administration tool for access management


Remote access management

The Defigo web portal gives administrators a good overview of access privileges across users and buildings. The portal can be managed remotely right from the browser. Access can be assigned and revoked in real-time which reduces security risks. It is possible to give plumbers, cleaners and delivery people temporary access to the building.


Smart and powerful connections

We extend the lifetime of your access control system by integrating with the current access infrastructure in the building.

Our system can also connect to lights, heat, garage doors, fire alarms, elevators, EV charging stations, and more.

People walking in the office
Installation support


Easy and sustainable installation

Defigo extends the lifetime of your existing access control system by using the infrastructure in the property.

It works alongside existing access control systems and integrates with selected access control systems.

No wired internet required. The system only requires two cables and electricity to function.