2022 - A year of milestones reached

2022 has been a historic year for Defigo. We have seen milestones reached throughout the company, from amount of doors opened, to new product features being launched. Thank you for an excellent 2022. Here's to 2023!

2022 has been a historic year for Defigo; a year that will be remembered by the monumental milestones that were reached.

Milestones such as facilitating more than 30 million door openings, an ARR growth of 140% YoY, an 80% increase in new customers and a 90% increase in new users.

And now that we are opening doors in some of the world's most populated cities, the number of Defigo users can be expected to skyrocket in the coming years.


Simpler, safer, smarter - and now international

2022 is the year in which we moved beyond the Norwegian borders to serve customers and gain partners in Germany, Sweden, Spain and the United States. In the spring we reached a huge milestone when we signed a distribution agreement with our partner BLVS in New York, and entered channel partner agreements with six integrators across four countries. For us in Defigo, it is inspiring to know that our keyless access control system is used by people not only in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, but also in New York City, Berlin and Stockholm.

Entering new countries requires support for local user interfaces. We were cognizant of that, and, as a result, made the Defigo service available in Norwegian, Swedish, English and German. And with the objective of meeting local safety, health and environmental protection requirements, Defigo is now certified for use in both Europe and the United States.


Our most important product milestones this year have been those that support our vision of a better tenant experience, as well as the scaling and growth of our keyless access control system. For instance,  to serve our cross-continental customers, Defigo was required to implement datacenters in both Europe and the United States. As a result of this, our customers can rest assured that their data is being handled safely, responsibly and locally.  


The past two years have been impacted by the global pandemic, which caused significant supply chain issues and headaches for companies providing hardware, such as Defigo. But thanks to our brilliant in-house engineer, we were able to navigate around these challenges by redesigning the Defigo circuit board, thereby obtaining the electronic components that we needed to meet the increasing demand.

Seamless journey in all types of properties

This year we have entered into new strategic partnerships with several of the world's largest access control companies, as well as some great young ones. These companies share our perspective that collaboration is the key to our mutual success, and helps us better serve customers and users. We have successfully deployed some of these, such as our integration with Salto which facilitates a seamless journey throughout any property, all the way from the base-building to the apartment or office.

Several of Norway's largest real estate companies have chosen Defigo as their preferred solution for access control, both in their newbuild and rehabilitation projects, entering framework agreements specifying Defigo as their preferred solution. For that trust, we are extremely grateful and proud.

New developments for the visually impaired

Defigo is a system designed for everyone, and as we continue to develop our system, we keep this as our north star. Therefore, we have developed a version of our in-apartment station for visually impaired users. The new in-apartment station comes with a simplified user interface featuring buttons that are easily recognized by touch, allowing visually impaired users to effortlessly open the door to their visitors. Defigo believes that by doing this, along with other initiatives (for example, better support for the elderly), that we can contribute to breaking down social barriers for those most in need of social interaction and support.  


We are grateful to all of our investors for their financial and strategic backing this year. And last, but not least, we are humbled and grateful for the hard work, positive spirit and smart, solution-oriented minds of the Defigo team. The 2022 milestones that we reached would not have been possible without all of you.

We are entering 2023 with optimism and energy, ready to take on new opportunities and to bring Defigo to new countries.  



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