Defigo vs Traditional systems

Weighing up whether you should choose Defigo or a traditional access control system? Watch this video.


"This is Defigo, a simpler, safer and smarter solution to a traditional access control system. Both of these systems will help you enter your property, so how do you decide which one is best for you?

Let's say that this is your property, and that these are some of the 115 units in your property. Every unit has ananswering device inside it, and there are 7 entrances.

With a traditional access control system, you can expect to pay....this much.

With Defigo, you can expect to pay...this much. That's a saving of 70%.

But with Defigo, you don't just get the system, you get service and support, upgrades at end of life, and updates to software when they are released.

With the traditional system you get...the traditional system.

But that's not all.

A traditional system uses metres and metres, and metres and metres, and metres and metres of cables, making it difficult to replace, complicated to install and impactful on the envirronment.

It looks like we have a winner! Defigo exceeded in all categories."

To learn more about how Defigo could work for your property, get a demo.

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