I want to return something I purchased from the webshop, how do I do this?


To return an item you regret purchasing, please contact us at support@getdefigo.com and attach the order number that you received when you ordered the item(s) for faster assistance. Our support team will give you instructions on how to return the item(s).

I have just moved into a building that has Defigo as an intercom, how do I start using it?


To use Defigo, you need a user account to log into the Defigo app and receive calls from visitors. To create a user account, contact your property administrator.

When the user account is created, you will receive an email with a username and password for the Defigo app. In the email, you will also find a link to download the app. Your doorbell button will automatically appear on the intercom when the user account is created. You are ready to receive video calls from visitors as soon as you have logged into the app. Under the "Support" tab in the app, you will be able to download the manual for the app.

I don't get a notification when someone calls my doorbell button, how do I fix this?


If you do not receive a call from the app when someone rings your doorbell button, it might be because the app lacks permission to send notifications. To fix this, go to your phone settings and allow notifications for the Defigo app. This differs from phone to phone, but if you contact support, we will be happy to help you find the notification settings on your phone.

To contact Defigo support, send an email to support@getdefigo.com.

How do I change my name on the intercom?


You can easily edit your display name in the Defigo app.

Go to Settings -> Doorbell -> Setup

Remember to press ‘Submit’ to save the change.  

How do I use Defigo without a smartphone?


You can still use Defigo without the app, or a smartphone. If someone rings your doorbell, the system will call you like a normal phone call. You can then talk to your visitor, and open the door for them by pressing 5 on the keypad.

The system will always call from the same phone number: +47 23506953

We recommend that you add the phone number to your contact list so that you know what it is when you receive a call.

I don’t want it to ring like a normal phone call to my phone. Is there another option?


If you don't have a smartphone and don't want to receive a normal phone call, the Defigo in-apartment station is a good alternative.

This is a separate answering device that can be mounted on a wall or placed on a table where there is a power socket available. It will receive video calls just like the app – but from a larger screen and with louder sound.

To use the Defigo in-apartment station, connect it to a normal power socket, connect it to your WiFi network and log in with your username and password that you have received by e-mail.

When I try to download the Defigo app, I get the following message: ‘Your device is not compatible with this version’. How do I solve this?


To download and use the Defigo app, you need a phone that is:
- Android 10 or newer;
- iPhone IOS 13 or newer.

If your phone is not compatible with the Defigo app, the options in the questions above will apply to you.

Is information stored about when I open the door through Defigo, or receive video calls?


In residential buildings, Defigo neither shares nor logs data or information about when you open doors or receive video calls.

Rules about user data are different for commercial buildings since the property owners have the right to log data about the use of the property. This type of data can be made available to the building’s administrator in Webadmin.

Do you have a solution for my apartment so that I can use the Defigo app both at the main entrance and into my apartment?


We are working on a solution that gives you keyless access all the way into the apartment. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn, or sign up for our newsletter to get the news when it is announced.

What happens if the power goes out?


As the Defigo system is connected to electricity, the system will not work if there is a power cut. To avoid this, you can connect a backup battery to the Defigo system.

What happens if the system gets vandalized?


If you are worried about vandalism, you can take out protection for the intercom from Defigo. With protection, if the intercom gets vandalized, it will be replaced at no extra cost.

More questions? Make sure to visit the Defigo Help Centre.

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