The sustainable access solution

Defigo contributes to preventing tons of Co2 emissions with smart technology.
This way, we pave the way for a greener Real Estate industry.

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The real estate industry contributes around 40% of total global emissions

This is why the focus in the coming years for real estate companies is on finding more sustainable processes and products.

Defigo is here to change this

We help property owners and managers reduce their buildings’ emissions and carbon footprint.

Here's how we do it

We worked with Climate Point, a global leader in quantifying and forecasting climate impact.
Over the course of 12 months, Defigo contributes to 5,6 tons of CO2 being avoided in an average sized building.


Minimal cabling

Traditional systems need miles of cables. With Defigo, you only need two cables: one to the power outlet and to the control unit. That's it.

Doorbell outside building

Recycling components

We designed our intercom to reuse more than 80% of its components when a system has become outdated and it is time to renew.

Defigo sitt verktøy for nøkkeladministrasjon vises i en laptop.

Transport and admin

Property managers don't have to travel between properties anymore. Lost keys, new tenants, new access cards: everything can be done online.

By choosing Defigo over more traditional access control we save 82% in installation costs and we can save 6.500 miles of cabling on one of our largest projects.
Mustad Eiendom

6.500 miles is a lot of cabling...

It's actually the distance between California and the Amalfi Coast.

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Read how Defigo is driving sustainability in real estate by reducing CO2 emissions. Discover our partnership with Climate Point, innovative cabling reductions, component recycling, and enhanced remote access features that help minimize the environmental impact of building management.

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