Tenant retention, done the smart way

Save costs by keeping your tenants happy. With mobile access, a slick intercom and web-based administration, you and your tenants will love Defigo.

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Easy administration

Streamline operations with web-based administration.

  • Manage your properties and tenants from the comfort of your home, and enjoy real-time updates.

  • New tenants? Defigo can scale with you. With unlimited users, your property can always be accessed by those that need it.

  • Access logs help you know exactly who is entering your property, and at what time. 

At the tap of a button

With the Defigo app, you can access your building or let someone else in.
Expecting a delivery or service workers? Open the door from wherever you are.

Helping NYC buildings comply
with Local Law 97

With Defigo, you are choosing a more sustainable solution.
With minimal wiring, online administration, integrations with your existing
hardware and digital keys, you can save tons of CO2 per building.

A simpler, safer, and smarter property

Elevate property access and security with a sleek and modern intercom. Reduce admin time and grant tenants seamless access with an app-based digital key.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Touch-screen and user-friendly intercom with doorbell functionality, touchscreen, and video.

Mobile access

Open the door with your smartphone or keyfob. You don't need to be in the property to open the door when receiving visits or deliveries.

Defigo sitt verktøy for nøkkeladministrasjon vises i en laptop.


Get a full overview of who has access to the property at all times. Grant or remove access quickly and easily.

The leading solution for residential and commercial buildings

Video Intercom

Touch-screen and durable. Update the tenant list in 30 seconds.

Mobile Access

Open the door or gate with your mobile phone, keyfob, or access card.

Web-based Admin Portal

Efficient and user-friendly administration tool.


For a seamless user experience across multiple systems and platforms.

Always up-to-date

New features, upgrades and security updates are included in the price.

Lightning fast installation

It only takes 1.5 hours to install Defigo, and it requires minimal cabling.

Defigo is what we have been looking for all along. It is simply a dream to use. It's so easy for us to manage even though we have over 100 different people who have access to different areas of the building.
Nicolai Bauer
Partner, Askeladden & Co.

For a more sustainable world

We want to help create the sustainable buildings of the future, where people want to live, work and create communities.


kg CO2 saved per year for each Defigo intercom.


of the components in our products get a new life and are used again (and again, and again...)


cost savings on installation compared to other intercoms.


meters of copper cable required in your building when you choose Defigo.

Defigo API

Request access to the Defigo API to integrate our access control technology into your solution.

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