Salto and Defigo:
for a seamless journey throughout your property

Whether you are a tenant, an administrator or a visitor to a property, access control should be easy, convenient and simply just work.

With Salto and Defigo, it is possible.

The Defigo intercom displaying door is open message

How the integration works


For tenants using their phone for access, the Defigo
app can be used to open the main entrance and any online Salto locks throughout the property.

For tenants using a keyfob or card for access, they can tap it on the in-built RFID reader on the intercom, and any Salto RFID readers throughout the property.

Property administrators

For property administrators, overseeing tenant access is easy in the Defigo web-based administration portal.

It’s here that they can grant and revoke access from tenants, alter settings on the intercom and delegate tasks to tenants, such as adding keyfobs or access cards.


For visitors, finding the person they intend to visit is easy.

The intercom installed at the entrance to the property features a responsive touch screen, images and names of the tenants, as well as a one-way video with high volume for easy communication with the tenant.

Why integrate with Defigo?

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Manage all users, buildings and systems from one place.

Integrate with any infrastructure in the building, e.g. elevator or garage, to cater to tenants needs.

End users can use their smartphone to open doors with existing systems.

Maintain current infrastructure e.g. existing locks, cables, access cards, and card readers.

Reduce waste by extending the life of existing systems.


What can I integrate Defigo with?

At present, Defigo integrates with Salto Space, Symmetry and ARX Systems.

For other systems, Defigo can either be integrated on-premises or connected via API.

Defigo API

Request access to the Defigo API to integrate our access control technology into your solution.

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Kontrollboks for nøkkelfri adgang

Dette er Defigo-hjernen. Kontrollboksen styrer opptil tre separate dører for å gi deg nøkkelfri adgang til bygget ditt.

Defigo kan integreres med byggets eksisterende adgangskontroll, så du sparer penger og forlenger levetiden til systemet ditt.

Kontrollenheten kan kobles til tre separate dører som åpnes med Defigo appen. Installasjonen er lynrask og krever minimalt med kabling.

Kontrollboksen og Defigo sin administrasjonsportal lar deg administrere adgang på tvers av brukere og bygg.

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