Defigo Elite

An easier way for everyone to receive visitors.

A simplified Defigo solution designed especially for elderly and analog users of Defigo, to enable them to receive visitors in a safe and simple way.

For the user

With Defigo Elite, elderly and analogue users get an answering device with a simplified interface to easily receive visitors.

The interface consists of large buttons and clear instructions that inform the user when they can talk to visitors and touch the screen to open the door.

For the administrator

The property administrator, chairman or nursing home staff can access an interface in webadmin that allows them to adjust the settings on the answering machine on behalf of the elderly or analog user as needed.

An easy-to-use interface

Clear instructions in large print inform the resident when they can speak to visitors and press the button to open the door.

Large buttons with explanatory icons.

Hi-definition video of visitors. Administrators can change the brightness of the screen and the volume of the sound to improve the resident experience.

Day and night

To assist elderly or analog residents, the Defigo Elite answering device will always display a static screen except when a visitors is calling.

The static screen will inform the user whether it is daytime or nighttime (using text and images) and what time it is.

Defigo for everyone

Access control is for everyone. We built a solution that can be easily used by the elderly and residents without a smartphone.


A key fob can be used to enter the property. Residents can tap it on the intercom to open the door.

Defigo Elite

Elderly and analog users can easily receive visitors by using our simplified answering device.

Landline & Mobile Phone

Residents can always open the door with a landline phone or a classic mobile phone.

Defigo Elite was developed in collaboration with the Oslo Municipality and OsloMet University.

The goal of the project was to bring the modern Defigo solution to an older and analog user group that needs a simpler format.

Giving older and analog users independence in controlling access to their property is important. Defigo Elite gives them this independence and ensures that they can receive visitors to their property without stress or confusion.

It gives security to the residents and is very practical in everyday life.
When the residents get home, they can unlock the door with their cell phone. That's so cool!
Tim Pettersen
Skøyenhagen Boligpark

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