Introducing Defigo Smart Reader

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest product, the Defigo Smart Reader

From what we have learnt from our customers, a Smart RFID Reader at a competitive price is high on their wish list. Which is why this is what we have made! 

The Smart Reader works together with the rest of the Defigo system to provide seamless access to internal doors via a smartphone and key fobs/access cards. The Smart Reader can be used offline and online, and is centrally managed in the Defigo Webadmin, the same cloud-based interface as the intercom. This contributes to increased security and efficient administration of access. Much like the Defigo intercom, the Smart Reader is easy to set up and install.

In this launch video, our founder and CPO Joachim Stray talks more about the functionality of the Smart Reader and why tenants and property operators alike will love it. The transcript follows. 

Good morning, my name is Joachim.

 I am the founder of Defigo and I want to tell you about a new product that we are launching today. 

This is a smart reader and it enables you to connect any door to Defigo through the cloud. With Smart Reader, you can open any door with your smartphone or with an access card. 

The reader is seamlessly integrated into the Defigo cloud, so everything is available for you to manage through our web admin administration portal. 

If you live or work in a building, and you use Defigo, with the new Smart Reader you do it in exactly the same way. So you open the door using your app and you get this seamless experience all the way through the building. You have all the doors available in one place, and you can also use the same access card. 

When designing and developing Smart Reader, it has been very important for us to make it flexible and user friendly. You can use any smartphone to open the door and you can continue to use your existing access cards. One [version] of the Smart Readers comes with a keypad panel so you can use a keypad to open the door. 

Using Smart Reader, you can open doors inside the building, the internal doors. It could be the basement, a bike shed, the attic or any other common area in the building. And if you're operating a building, with Smart Reader you now only need Defigo. You get all the doors and all access and all logs in one user interface for the whole building. 

Security is important for us at Defigo, and we developed Smart Reader with security in mind. We encrypt everything, always. And we have spent a lot of time making this a super robust system without compromising on user experience. On top of this, you can add and remove users and you can view all access logs in real time. 

My favorite part of the smart reader is the very powerful offline feature that we built into it. That means you can open a door even if the internet is down. 

If you want to get started with Smart Reader, all you have to do is order it: it’s installed easily on the wall, by the door. The Smart Reader connects to the door strike and seamlessly to the Defigo cloud. And you have everything available just like any other door in Defigo. 

We are very excited about launching this reader and we hope that you will like it too!


For more information about the smart reader, contact our sales team. 

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