An all-in-one solution for access control

Defigo is all you need to access and administrate your property. Tenants and property managers alike will find using Defigo easier and more efficient than a traditional system.

The Defigo intercom displaying door is open message

A simpler, safer, and smarter property

Elevate property access and security with a sleek and modern intercom. Reduce admin time and grant tenants seamless access with an app-based digital key.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Touch-screen and user-friendly intercom with doorbell functionality, touchscreen, and video.

Mobile access

Open the door with your smartphone or keyfob. You don't need to be in the property to open the door when receiving visits or deliveries.

Defigo sitt verktøy for nøkkeladministrasjon vises i en laptop.


Get a full overview of who has access to the property at all times. Grant or remove access quickly and easily.

Touch-screen intercom

Featuring a touch-screen, camera, and an RFID-reader for keyfobs, the Defigo intercom is modern and user-friendly.

Display names, images and ringtones can be updated in seconds in the Defigo app.

Tenants receive a call from the intercom on their smartphone or in-apartment station. They will be able to see and speak to the visitor.

LTE antenna for cloud-based security updates and syncronization with Defigo's Webadmin.

Intercom keyfob reader

The Defigo intercom has an in-built RFID reader, which means that tenants can use a keyfob to open the door, or any card with a chip, including access cards or bank cards.

It works with any existing keyfob, access card and any contactless bank card.
To add a keyfob or access card to your account, go to 'doorbell settings' and 'RFID card management' in your Defigo app.

Video intercom

Know exactly who you're letting into the property when receiving a visitor or a delivery.

Video intercom

See and speak to the visitor before letting them in.

Say goodbye to stickers

Update display names and photos in seconds.

Show or hide tenants

Hide a tenant's doorbell button from the screen when they're not available.

Wireless LTE antenna

For wireless communication and security updates.

Kontrollboks for nøkkelfri adgang

Dette er Defigo-hjernen. Kontrollboksen styrer opptil tre separate dører for å gi deg nøkkelfri adgang til bygget ditt.

Defigo kan integreres med byggets eksisterende adgangskontroll, så du sparer penger og forlenger levetiden til systemet ditt.

Kontrollenheten kan kobles til tre separate dører som åpnes med Defigo appen. Installasjonen er lynrask og krever minimalt med kabling.

Kontrollboksen og Defigo sin administrasjonsportal lar deg administrere adgang på tvers av brukere og bygg.

Mobile Access

Access your property using the Defigo app. Or your keyfobs. Or your GSM phone.
Receive video calls from visitors and grant them access at the touch of a button.

Open your door remotely and have packages delivered to your door even when you're not home.
Adjust your settings, hide your doorbell if you don't want visitors, and get in touch with our support team.

Control unit for mobile access

The control unit controls up to three separate doors.
It is installed inside the building, giving you an extra layer of security.

Defigo API

Request access to the Defigo API to integrate our access control technology into your solution.

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