Summertime security: How to keep an apartment or office secure during summer vacation

Ensuring that a property is sufficiently protected this summertime is important, here are some ways to ensure that the office or apartment is secure.

For a lot of people, their summer vacation is the biggest and longest trip of the year. Whether it’s a city break or a relaxing beach vacation, it is common to travel away for a few weeks in order to escape the everyday routine. This means that apartments and offices remain empty for sometime, making them vulnerable to break-ins if they are not properly or effectively secured.

While security should be at the forefront of tenant’s minds at all times of the year, vacation time is a particularly important period to consider, since the property could be almost empty of people. Ensuring that a property is sufficiently protected this summertime is important, here are some ways to ensure that the office or apartment is secure.


Maintain an occupied appearance


Summer is a very popular time to take a vacation, which means that it is common knowledge that apartments and offices stand empty for possibly long durations of time. With vacancy being so predictable, burglaries are more common, as it can be easy to tell who is away based off various factors such as the lights being off for extended periods of time, no answer on the doorbell or the curtains being constantly open.  

It can be a good idea to try to maintain an occupied appearance even when away. Some ways to do this could be to use automated light switches that turn on and off at specified times, or by using a smart home system that can control lights, blinds, and even TVs remotely, giving the impression that someone is home. By scheduling the lights to switch on at regular times throughout the day, the apartment or office gives the appearance of being used, leaving it much less vulnerable to break-ins.


Inform trusted neighbors or colleagues


When going away for an extended period, it could be a good idea to let a trusted neighbor or work colleague know about it. If they are in the area during the vacation time, they would be able to observe anything out of the ordinary, for instance, unfamiliar vehicles parked nearby, broken windows, or suspicious individuals spending a lot of time around the property. This precaution could deter potential intruders and nip any security threats in the bud. If the office or apartment complex has a security guard, it can also be a good idea to ensure that they are informed about the apartment or office standing empty, too.

Having one trusted person knowing that the apartment will be empty provides some reassurance that if anything happens, someone is there to check on it and feedback any updates.


Don’t share on social media

While social media is the perfect place to share images of a nice beach trip to Italy, a safari in Kenya, or a city trip to New York, it also lets followers know that an apartment or office is empty, and that the tenants are very far away. For those who share images and updates to people not only in close friends and family, it is safer to share the images after returning from the vacation, in order to not provide the wrong people with information about an empty property.

If waiting to share updates and images isn’t an option, ensuring there is sufficient security on the property is important, for instance a video camera, or alarm would allow some extra reassurance that everything is safe in the apartment or office.


Hide the doorbell


The Defigo system allows you to hide the doorbell on the intercom. With the doorbell hidden, it becomes challenging for potential intruders to identify whether the apartment or office is in use, reducing the likelihood of a break-in. This is also an advantage, since the doorbell cannot be rung by anyone, making it more difficult to see whether the apartment is empty or not. Only those that know the tenants will know about the apartment or office.  

It is easy for Defigo users to hide their doorbell, they can simply go into the Defigo app, settings, doorbell settings, visibility options, and then the doorbell can be hidden by tapping the eye. This is one of the easiest ways to ensure that your property stays secure, safe and no one that shouldn’t know it is vacant knows.


In conclusion, securing an apartment or office during summer vacation doesn't have to be a daunting task. With some planning, use of technology like the Defigo intercom system, as well as adherence to basic security guidelines, a summertime vacation can be enjoyed with peace of mind knowing that the apartment or office is safe.

Read more about the Defigo system here.

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