Defigo enhances their access control suite with the launch of the new Smart Reader.

Defigo, an innovative Norwegian access control company, celebrated for its sustainable and user-friendly system, announced today the launch of their new Smart Reader. 

Oslo, January 16th, 2024  

With over 35,000 daily users throughout Scandinavia, Germany and the United States, Defigo’s access control system has redefined the way people enter their buildings. With the Defigo Smart Reader as the latest addition to the product portfolio, Defigo extends this convenience beyond exterior doors, offering seamless access to interior spaces via mobile app or RFID key fobs.  

Hildur Smaradottir, CEO of Defigo, shares, "The Smart Reader is a direct response to our customers' feedback. They love the simplicity of accessing their buildings with their smartphones, so we wanted to extend that convenience, letting them use Defigo not only as an intercom, but as a fully integrated system to manage and open doors throughout the building. We are thrilled to fulfill this need, and further simplify our users´ day to day lives.

The Smart Reader is not just a breakthrough for tenants, but a game-changer for property managers. The integration with Defigo's web-based administration portal enables easy access management, eliminating the hassle and cost of distributing physical keys and enhancing security by supporting real-time updates throughout the building. The Defigo Smart Reader is a cost effective alternative to legacy readers, providing customers with a smart all-in-one solution.

Hildur elaborates, "With Defigo, property management becomes a breeze. Our commitment to simplifying administrative tasks is why the Smart Reader can also be managed in our web-based administration portal. It's about making the property manager’s and tenants' lives easier at every level."

The Smart Reader is available for purchase from today. Contact the sales team,  for more information.

About Defigo

Defigo is an all-in-one access control solution for residential and commercial real estate, offering mobile access, a touch-screen video intercom and a web-based administration portal for those managing a building. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and user-friendliness, Defigo's solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of modern lifestyles.

Defigo works with all the most popular access control infrastructures and integrates seamlessly with other parts of the building, like elevators, garage doors, fire extinguishers, EV charging stations, and more.  

Defigo’s digital access control system is designed, developed and manufactured in Norway. Read more about Defigo here.

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