Commercial intercom system

The commercial intercom system is installed by doors that are at the entrance to a commercial property. It allows visitors to choose the company or tenant that they will ring the doorbell to when requiring access to the property.

For those working in an office, getting up and down to open the door to visitors is a pain that they know all too well

With the Defigo intercom, visitors can ring the doorbell and the call can go directly to the cell phone of the office administrator or manager.

After using the one way camera to confirm the visitor is known or expected, the administrator can grant them access to the property without moving from their seat.


  • Doors that have the intercom system connected can be opened with cell phone app and key fob
  • Access across the property is managed through Defigo WebAdmin, so property managers can grant or remove access from companies or tenants
  • Tenants can grant a visitor access remotely so no more running around the office to open doors
The Defigo intercom displaying door is open message


  • In the case of damage, tenants can still enter the property using the cell phone app, due to the logic being stored in the multi-door access control unit
  • One-way camera, so that tenants can see who is calling before granting them access


  • Tenants can edit their contact display on the intercom via the mobile app. They can also add an image
  • Subscription business model, which means upgrades in software and hardware are included
  • User-friendly mobile app and key fobs mean the intercom can be used by people of all ages

The intercom system is one part of the whole access control system that makes up Defigo:

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Sleek, modern and user-friendly intercom with touchscreen and one way video. Update display names and images easily.


With Defigo WebAdmin, property managers get a full overview of the property and who has access to each door. User-friendly and simple to grant or remove access.

Keyless entry

Open doors using a cell phone or key fob. Remotely grant access to visitors.

A simpler, safer and smarter property.