Defigo digital intercom sytem

The Defigo intercom allows visitors to ring the tenant’s door bell and have a conversation before entering the property.

Visitors can easily find the tenant that they intend to contact on the screen, and the tenant can talk to the visitor directly from their cell phone.

The intercom works alongside the other elements of the access control system, such as WebAdmin and multi-door access control unit.

Defigo digital intercom

The doors connected to the intercom can be opened with the Defigo mobile app, key fobs and access cards. Access across properties is managed through the user-friendly WebAdmin.

Features of the intercom

  • Modern, cloud based intercom with integrated access control
  • Simple intuitive interface with face-to-face communication
  • Manage property portfolio in the same WebAdmin
  • Works alongside existing access control systems, and integrates with selected access control systems
  • Our business model, hardware and software-as-a-service helps modernize and future-proof your property
The Defigo intercom displaying door is open message

Defigo intercom system

The Defigo video intercom has:

  • highly responsive 10.1 inch touchscreen
  • one-way video camera
  • 4G antenna for remote communication between the tenant and their visitors
  • in-built RFID reader for key fobs and access cards
  • LTE antenna for cloud-based security updates and synchronization with Defigo’s Webadmin
  • water, snow and dust resistance

A simpler, safer and smarter property.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Sleek, modern and user-friendly intercom with touchscreen and one way video. Update display names and images easily.


With Defigo WebAdmin, property managers get a full overview of the property and who has access to each door managed by Defigo. User-friendly and simple to grant or remove access.

Keyless entry

Open doors using a cell phone or key fob. Remotely grant access to visitors.