Access control system for residential properties

Modern, smart and user-friendly access control system, made with residential properties in mind. Designed to manage property access, increase security and create an easier everyday life for residents.

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Keyless entry

Open doors with your cell phone or key fob. Grant access to your visitors remotely.


With Defigo WebAdmin, you get a full overview of all of your properties and who has access to each door. User-friendly and simple to grant or remove access.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Sleek, modern and user-friendly intercom with touch screen and one way video. Update your name and image easily.

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Simpler, safer and smarter access control for residential buildings

Everyone can have a simpler, safer and smart everyday life with effective access control management for tenants and residents.


Keyless entry: Open doors via cell phone, key fob or access card.

Open remotely: Through the app, doors can be opened for visitors regardless of location (provided there is internet access).

Personalizable: Add your own photo, choose between individual call buttons, group buttons or both and hide the call button when you don’t want to be disturbed.


Easy administration: Easily grant and remove access directly from the browser.

Up-to-date resident list: Property managers always have an up-to-date overview of who has access to the property doors.

See who’s calling: See and talk to a visitor before granting them access to the property.

No lost keys: Access can easily be granted and removed so no unauthorized people can access the property.


Updates included: Get new features, security updates and hardware upgrades as part of the subscription.

Smart integrations: Connect to other access control systems such as the elevator or parking garage.

Quick installation: The system only takes a short time to install and requires minimal cabling.

Options for everyone: Key fobs and a user-friendly in-apartment station are available as supplementary products. Smart phones are not required, the system also works with push-button telephones.

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Key benefits

For property managers

  • Up-to-date overview of tenants at all times
  • Full control of access privileges
  • Issue and revoke access easily
  • Issue temporary access without handling physical keys
  • Delegate user registration to the owner of the unit
  • Serviceand support included

For tenants

  • Receive video calls and grant access to visitors, even if you are not in the unit
  • Personalize the call button by changing name and adding a picture/logo
  • Choose between individual call buttons, group buttons or both
  • Hide the call button when you do not want to be disturbed
  • Get help from the Defigo support team through the mobile app
  • Smart phones are not required, the system also works with push-button telephones
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Defigo in-apartment station

The Defigo in-apartment station is a supplementary product that allows you to greet and open the door for visitors. When a visitor rings the doorbell, the tenant can see, speak to and grant access to the visitor. The in-apartment station is easy to use for people of all ages.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • See the visitor on a 10.1” touchscreen
  • Hear when visitors ring the doorbell through high volume audio
  • Optional placement. Can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table
  • Does not require cabling, but is also delivered with PoE
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