Keyless entry

Open doors with your mobile phone or key fob. Grant access to your visitors remotely.


With Defigo WebAdmin, you get a full overview of all of your properties and who has access to each door. User-friendly and simple to grant or remove access.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Smart intercom

Sleek, modern and user-friendly intercom with touchscreen and one way video. Update your name and image easily.

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Smart intercom

The Defigo intercom allows visitors to ring your doorbell and speak to you before entering the property.
Visitors can easily find the tenant that they are visiting on the screen. Tenants can easily talk to and see the visitor via video directly from their cell phone.

The intercom has an LTE antenna for cloud-based security updates and synchronization with Defigo’s WebAdmin.

The Defigo video intercom has a highly responsive 10.1 inch touchscreen. It has a one-way video camera, a 4G antenna for remote communication between the tenant and their visitors and an in-built RFID reader for key fobs and access cards.

It is water, snow and dust-resistant.

Defigo sin porttelefon for borettslag og sameier.

Online administration portal

The Defigo Webadmin gives the property manager a full overview of everyone who has access to the doors of the property that are managed by Defigo.

Webadmin supports access administration across properties and allows the property manager to delegate tasks to tenants within a property.

Property managers can log in to have an overview of who has access to the property, as well as grant and remove access in seconds.

The Administration portal also allows for the intercom display names and user access rights to be updated directly from your laptop.

Changes are made in real time.

Multi-door access control for keyless access

The Defigo multi-door access control allows you to access your property without a key.

The Defigo multi-door access control unit is installed inside the building and powers the Defigo intercom through a PoE (power over ethernet) cable.

The multi-door access control has three relays, so it can manage up to three doors simultaneously. It requires only two cables and electricity to function.

The multi-door access control and the Defigo WebAdmin allows property managers to manage access across tenants and properties.

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Key benefits

For property managers

  • Up-to-date overview of tenants at all times
  • Full control of access privileges
  • Issue and revoke access easily
  • Issue temporary access without handling physical keys
  • Delegate user registration to the owner of the unit
  • Service and support included

For tenants

  • Receive video calls and grant access to visitors, even if you are not in the unit
  • Personalize the call button by changing display names and adding a picture/logo
  • Choose between individual call buttons, group buttons or both
  • Hide the call button when you do not want to be disturbed
  • Get help from the Defigo support team through the mobile app
  • Smartphones are not required, the system also works with push-button telephones

A simpler, safer and smarter property

Defigo is used to manage access control in residential and commercial properties, increase security in the property and create an easier everyday life for those who use the property.


Cloud-based, keyless access with multi-property administration portal and 4G cellular connectivity to reduce cabling.


Real-time access log.  Anti-break-in system, with Defigo multi-door access control installed inside the building.


No wired internet required. Multi-door access control unit handling up to three doors simultaneously. Support, service and security upgrades are included.

Making buildings more secure

Many modern access control intercoms are smart and sleek, but they are not secure, since all the logic is inside the intercom.

The Defigo intercom is powered by a multi-door access control unit installed inside of the building. The multi-door access control opens the door and brings the system online with 4G cellular connectivity.

This way, not only does Defigo keep doors safe, but tenants can continue using their mobile app to enter the property, even if the intercom is damaged.