This is Defigo

Defigo is a modern and user friendly access control solution, that makes life easier for both those who manage a building and those who live in it.

Why we started Defigo

There has barely been any innovation in access control since we started using keys approximately 6000 years ago. Traditional, key-based access control systems have not evolved in line with modern society. Frustrated with the fact that digital keys and secure, sustainable access and security solutions were not easily accessible for us as tenants in multi-family buildings, nor at our office, we set out to disrupt a very traditional industry. Defigo is our way to address this frustration.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to set a new global standard for digital access control and offer a service-based solution that is simpler, safer, smarter, and more environmentally sustainable than any other alternative in the market.

Our Values


Having better access control increases the security of everyone managing a building and, more importantly, those who live in it.

By reducing physical keys and access cards, we help building managers and owners have a better overview of who comes into and goes out of the building where their tenants live, and who has access to what.


We believe in using technology as a tool to make work and life more efficient. That’s why our video intercom and our software ecosystem work seamlessly with any existing infrastructure.

We strive to make any building smarter by simply installing Defigo.

User friendly

Entering a building and letting someone in are two of the most common actions that billions of people take every single day. Our job has the potential to make a very tangible impact on the life of billions of people, and we aim to serve even those who don’t know anything about access control, but care about getting things done.


We are good citizens of the world and we want to contribute to our path towards a more sustainable future.

Each building saves 5 tonns in CO2 emissions every year for every Defigo unit installed. We want to do even more, because there is just so much more to do. Reducing carbon emissions is our North Star, and something we align our product development and commercial practices with.

The Team

To achieve our mission, we’ve brought together a diverse team of individuals (seven different nationalities across four continents). We are engineers, travelers, MBA graduates, optimists, startup veterans: mostly, we are builders.


Hildur Smaradottir, CEO

Hildur Smaradottir, CEO

Responsible for managing the team, business development and strategy. Hildur has more than 15 years of experience from commercial leadership in the technology space. She holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, B.A. Psychology & Journalism.

Joachim Stray, CPO & Co-Founder

Joachim Stray, Founder & CPO

Responsible for the product development team, business development and pre-sales. Joachim has 20 years of experience in management and business development from tech, defense and aviation. He holds an MBA and an ALM from Harvard.

Anne Varden, Head of Sales & Partnerships

Anne is responsible for overseeing all things sales. Leading a team of 4 sales associates, Anne brings with her 15 years of leadership experience and an MBA from the University of Southampton.

Kristian Torheim Andersen, CFO

Responsible for finance. Kristian have worked as CFO for two years and previously seven years as a controller and commercial head of service in the wind industry. He has a Master in Business controlling from the Norwegian school of economics.

Advisory board

Rune Augenstein, Smedvig

Rune is Chief Technology Innovation Officer at Smedvig; an expert in technology, innovation and property development, he has played a central role in the investment in technology, innovation and sustainability in Smedvig and the subsidiary Veni.

Lene Busund, Hoëgh Eiendom

Lene is Head of Technology and customer experience at Hoëgh Eiendom. With a broad and extensive experience in IT, as well as in real estate, Lene is able to combine her knowledge and experience to focus on digitizing Hoëgh Eiendom's buildings, and communicate more effectively with their customers.

Didrik Dale Rønold, Malling & Co

Didrik is property manager at Malling & Co. With over 10 years of experience in letting, operation and administrative management of properties, he has extensive knowledge of the commercial property market, as well as communication with tenants.

Arnstein Stamnes, Mustad Eiendom

Arnstein Stamnes is Director of property operations at Mustad Eiendom. Arnstein has extensive experience in property management, real estate development and technical operations, and is a key driver behind the digitizaton of Mustad's properties.

Jon Anders Sæthre, Entra

Jon Anders is a technical advisor at Entra. With extensive experience in the security industry, as well as in real estate, Jon Anders has a broad understanding of the technical requirements and solutions for the operation of properties, from installation to management.

Our Investors

Defigo started out initially as a privately funded company. The company raised its first round of financing in 2018,  when Norwegian venture capital firm Idekapital joined as investor. Defigo has since also been backed by valuable strategic partners from the Norwegian real estate industry such as property developer, Stor-Oslo Eiendom and tech investment fund, Nunchi.

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